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Welcome to our Patient Resource Library.

The objective of this page is to provide supplemental material to our Video Library. For each video (hosted by YouTube), we will post additional supportive material, such as graphics and summaries so that you can find what you’re looking for. We will be adding to the library each month and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Video List

#5. Low Back: Part I

Summary: In this long-anticipated video, Dr. Lowthian will introduce the essentials of low back pain and talk about how it has been mismanaged in the past. He will also explain that new understanding has helped change the way we look at back pain, and his approach to diagnosis. While low back pain can be complicated, treatment can be simple when the source of the problem is understood. Learn more here.

The Lumbar Spine

The Lumbar Spine








#4. The Shoulder: Part II – The Rotator Cuff

Summary: In this second half of our shoulder focus video, Dr. Lowthian discusses the mystery of “the rotator cuff” – a catch-all term that represents four disntinct, important muscles that are specifically indicated in a variety of injuries. He will explain why it is important to strengthen these muscles, then demonstrate three effective and simple techniques you can use at home. Watch it now.

Front/Back of Shoulder

Front/Back of Shoulder







#3. Foot Care: The Structure and Care of Your Feet

Summary: In this 6 minute video, Dr. Lowthian will outline the impressive structure of your feet and the common problems seen by his patients. He will discuss symptom relief as well as corrective care for these disfunctions. Watch now.

Bones of the feet Image Credit: Stephen Kelly









#2. Shoulder: Part I – An Overview / Stretches and Posture Tips

Summary: Dr. Lowthian will discuss the complexity and mobility of the shoulder joint and show a couple of stretches as well as offer every-day postural tips to reduce irritation and improve joint mobility. See the video now.

Shoulder Joint Image










#1. Piriformis Stretches:

Summary: Dr. Lowthian will demonstrate three variations of the piriformis stretch from a seated, reclined or extended (floor) position. The purpose of stretching the piriformis muscle is to assist with hip mobility, and reduce low back and sciatic pain. See the video.

Piriformis Muscle Diagram

The Piriformis Muscle (Top left)

Extended Piriformis Stretch

Seated or Extended Piriformis Stretch